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  • Reasons You May Need a Root Canal
    The reasons people need root canal therapy vary. However, rest assured if Dr. Anderson or Dr. Hoffner at Anderson and Hoffner Dental Center in Findlay, OH, recommend you have this Read more
  • Common Signs of Oral Cancer
    Could changes in your mouth be early warning signs of cancer? Oral cancer isn’t often as readily discussed as other types of cancer; however, it shouldn’t go ignored. After all, while Read more
  • Tooth Colored Fillings Restore Damaged Teeth
    Most people have had at least one cavity by age 17, according to a 2000 report by the U.S. Surgeon General. Fortunately, dental fillings can help resolve damage done by Read more
  • Close the Gaps In Your Smile
    When gaps in your smile are an issue, dental implants offer an effective way to restore your smile. Findlay, OH, dentists Dr. Bill Anderson and Dr. Austin Hoffner discuss the Read more
  • How a Root Canal Can Help Relieve Pain
    What your dentists in Findlay want you to know If you have a painful tooth, your first thought may be to take the tooth out, but that might be a mistake. Read more
  • Show Off Your Best Possible Smile
    In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has come far, implementing tooth-colored restorations and teeth whitening procedures to make your smile look great and function well. If you have considered cosmetic dentistry, Read more
  • One Dentist for Your Whole Family
    Family dentists offer quality care for your entire clan. Findlay, OH, family dentists Dr. Bill Anderson and Dr. Austin Hoffner, share a few reasons that you may want to consider Read more
  • Dental Procedures to Save your Teeth
    When a tooth is cracked, infected (abscessed) or deeply decayed, an individual may consider getting it extracted. However, tooth extraction causes problems of its own: gum and bone recession, an Read more
  • Do You Have Good Oral Hygiene?
    Let’s find out if your oral care routine should be revamped to give you a healthier smile. While you might not think about your oral care routine very much, it’s important Read more
  • Are Dental Implants Right For You?
    Missing teeth can totally change the look of your smile and, in some cases, even your facial structure. Leaving missing teeth untreated can result in some nasty side effects, further Read more
  • Root Canals: Fact Versus Fiction
    The thought that your tooth requires a root canal can send visions of a painful procedure and hours in the dentist’s chair into your mind. However, separating fact from fiction Read more
  • Root Canals Make Your Teeth Healthy Again
    What your dentists in Findlay, Ohio want you to know about root canals If you have damaged or decayed teeth, it’s time to make them healthy again with root canal therapy. Read more
  • FAQs About Dental Implants
    Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred Read more
  • Welcome to the Blog of Anderson Dental Center
    Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Findlay area, we’re excited you are here. With the dental industry advancing, we recognize the importance of Read more

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